For this print collection, heavily influenced by medieval art and botanical tapestries, I wanted to utilize natural florals and foliage varying in size, shape, scale, and direction. My two biggest contrasts in mind were "contemporary" vs. "archaic" with four additional patterns complimenting the two statement patterns. I implemented a modern Miami-inspired color story using corals, yellow-gold, and vintage aqua. The overarching goal for this collection cohesiveness, ensuring they can all sit together in different textile combinations. Secondary color stories include "Sativa", "Fruit Punch", and "Barbie Girl."


  • Contemporary
  • Organic
  • Painted
  • Zoomed in
  • Dense
  • Plant
  • Continuous
  • Multi-way
  • Archaic
  • Digital
  • Woven
  • Zoomed out
  • Open
  • Creature
  • Intermittent
  • Two-way


Fruit Punch

Barbie Girl

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